Vlerick Group

Vlerick Group is a Belgian family-owned diversified group active across selected industries and selected geographies, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India, China and the United States.

The group is sub-divided into 4 main segments: 

1) Industrial activities, including wholly or jointly owned industrial operations and core industrial participations;

2) Long term and active participations in stock-listed enterprises;

3) Private Equity; and

4) Real Estate


Vlerick Group has its industrial roots in Flanders in 1880 in the textile industry. In its present form, it originates from B.I.C. Carpets, a high-end woollen broad-loom woven carpet manufacturer, founded in 1956. The name Vlerick Group only came into being at the end of the nineties when the headquarters were moved from BIC Carpets to its present location in a stately townhouse in Kortrijk. 

Via its anchored participations in a.o. former financial holding and investment companies Almanij and Gevaert, former parent companies of current KBC Groep, the group contributed to the development of one of Flanders' primary financial services providers, in which it continues to be actively involved today.

Industrial diversification was first achieved within the textile industry in the nineties via the acquisition of UCO NV, one of the mainstays of the long-standing textile industry in Flanders, comprising cotton spinning and denim production activities, as well as technical textiles production activities. 

In conjunction with the expansion in adjacent activities within the textile industry, Vlerick Group significantly widened its industrial scope via a number of participations in privately-held metal-processing enterprises.

Additionally, in 2006, Vlerick Group took the initiative in bringing together like-minded industrialist family groups and joining forces in order to invest in selected traditional industries via its investment vehicle Pentahold. 

Equally in 2006, Vlerick Group showed its ambition of being a truly international group as well as one of its defining characteristics of exploring and establishing complementary partnerships in order to grow successfully, via the merger of UCO Sportswear, a subsidiary of UCO NV, with India's RAYMOND Denim, part of the RAYMOND textile conglomerate, to form UCO RAYMOND Denim Ltd.

Additionally, the group's geographical foot-print extended and continues to extend today via the ongoing internationalisation of its portfolio companies through the establishment or acquisition of production facilities, most notably in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Building on the foundations of its industrial activities in India, Vlerick Group consolidated its special relationship with it in 2010 via the establishment of Mumbai-based private equity firm Indus Khamdhenu Fund ("IKF"). Again, several like-minded entrepreneurial families from diverse industrial backgrounds were approached to participate in the firm's first fund. IKF has a mandate to invest in selected industries across the region through the acquisition of substantial stakes in private companies that require funding for expansion.